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  • How can I submit to the Vegas Movie Awards™?
    We accept submissions through our festival partner Film Freeway, as well as direct submission via our website using our secured PayPal gateway. For more information, please visit our submission page.
  • How does your competition work?
    Learn more about our submission guidelines, rules, and deadlines, on both our Film Freeway page or our website.
  • Are there any annual physical events and/or screenings?
    For reasons related to the pandemic underway here in the United States and abroad, and in accordance with the containment guidelines issued by the State of Nevada, no physical events of any kind are currently expected.
  • Do you offer waivers or discount codes?
    Sorry, but we don't offer any waivers or discounts at the moment. Unlike many copy & pasted film festivals out there who base their entire offering on providing the highest discount without giving care or consideration to submitters, we at Vegas Movie Awards™ strongly believe that our filmmakers deserve more, and we want their experience with us be unforgettable. We have always preferred to provide the highest quality in everything we do, from providing excellence in service to always ensuring fair and compelling competitions that results in countless hours of work from the professionals who work for us. We have worked hard since Day One to build a productive, professional environment for our talented filmmakers and to give them more opportunities to get their hard work recognized.
  • How does the Feedback in 72 Hours service works?
    The option Feedback in 72 Hours, Or It’s Free! in an extra service that we make available through both our website and FilmFreeway to those filmmakers who prefer not to wait until the notification date to know if their project has been selected or not. Projects are reviewed by at least two of our judges with the same care and dedication that they put in reviewing any of the hundreds of films we receive. We will take care of your project immediately after receiving the submission and send over the Official Notification within 72 hours, or we refund the fee for the extra service entirely and immediately.
  • Can I submit again the same film/script in different categories?
    Of course, yes. A lot of our winning filmmakers resubmit their projects for the following competitions, in order to try to win a prize in new categories. The only rule we have is that every additional category like Best Director, Best Producer, etc. must be accompanied by at least one MAIN category submission (like Best Narrative Short, Best Indie Short etc.) in order to be accepted into our competitions.
  • How can I pre-order my unique Statuette or Official Printed Certificate?
    Only a winner at the Vegas Movie Awards™ with a personal code can pre-order our unique Statuettes and Official Certificates. The code is sent automatically by e-mail to those entitled right after the winners’ announcement. If you have not received the code, or if you are part of the cast or crew of a winning film, you can request a new code at this EMAIL .
  • What’s the status of my order?
    As indicated in the pre-order page of your selected award, the estimated production time is 45 working days for both the Statuettes and the Certificates. Our tireless team will contact you regarding the confirmation of the text to be put on them as soon as your items are manufactured and ready to be packaged. If you don’t receive any communication from us within 25 working days from your order, please contact Jessica Jackson, our Executive Service Coordinator, at
  • How can I add my win on IMDb?
    In order to satisfy the each filmmaker’s needs, the filmmaker should update IMDb with their winnings, so they can have their credit shown on that platform quickly. We will then check and fix the page in case of inaccuracies if they are found. Here’s the direct link: Please keep in mind that, once you fill out the contribution form at the bottom of the page, you should still expect to wait a few days before actually seeing your requested credit appear on IMDb.
  • Are you in contact with distributors and/or agents?
    Yes, we do have a list of agents and distributors we work with, both in the United States and in Europe. The current deal we have with them is that each month we submit our best winning projects to them, along with our personal recommendations, so that they can choose the ones they want to be involved in. If they are interested in your project they will contact you directly. If they contact us first instead, it will be our pleasure to let you know immediately.
  • How can I get in touch with your team?
    If you would like to correspond with someone directly from our team, please reach out to us at:, for questions in regards to the festival and submissions., for customer services issues concerning awards, shipping and payments. , for sponsorships and strategic partnerships.




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