Being professional on social media is the least every filmmaker or screenwriter can do to stand out, and be worthy of attention from followers and potential investors.
With so many good-looking indie projects all over the world, how can you keep catching your target's attention, if you publish occasionally and with fast graphics that cannot make a difference?
How can you also take care of your own graphic design, if your life and your work take all your time away?


We designed this service specifically for those talents who don't have the time to create professional visual content for Instagram or Facebook, yet want to look extremely professional in the eyes of their fan base or potential investors/buyers.


No matter the genre of your projects, our Creative Studio in Las Vegas (with 20+ years experience in graphic design) will take care of your posts with a taste and a care second to none. Besides, we know how much seeing your wins presented in a professional manner can help you find motivation and confidence in your abilities.


Do not underestimate the importance of a powerful communication on social media, because it is as crucial as making a quality product nowadays.
Don't wait until you can find some time to do it yourself. Use your time and talent to focus on what you love doing the most.
This extra service will allow you to get:

✔ Custom made Social Post designs, for Instagram or Facebook

✔ All the revisions you wish, until you are 100% satisfied

✔ High-quality files, ready to be published on your social pages

✔ Our constant consulting to get the best from the material you provide to us




TEMPLATE / $25 each

You can take advantage of original templates we made specifically for the promotion of your wins at the VMA or any other festival. After your order, you can choose the templates you prefer most among the over 25 stunning templates available, and send over your pictures and text. Our Creative Staff will put everything together and make sure that every element is perfectly balanced. 


CUSTOM / $65 each

Each post design, currently priced at $175 outside the Festival platform, consists in creating from scratch a styling composition with the material you will send us, optimizing images and words, and making sure that your message is clear and strong, and that your image is extremely eye-catching.





● 1 SINGLE POST / $25

● 5 POSTS PACKAGE / $22,5 each (10% OFF)

● 10 POSTS PACKAGE / $20 each (20% OFF)

● 25 POSTS PACKAGE / $16 each (35% OFF)

● 50 POSTS PACKAGE / $12,5 each (50% OFF)



● 1 SINGLE POST / $65

● 5 POSTS PACKAGE / $58,5 each (10% OFF)

● 10 POSTS PACKAGE / $52 each (20% OFF)

● 25 POSTS PACKAGE / $42 each (35% OFF)

● 50 POSTS PACKAGE / $32,5 each (50% OFF)





The price of the service will rise soon. To hedge against future price increases, the purchase of a package will allow you to keep the price locked for its entire duration


No need to use all posts right away, you have a full year from the date of purchase


By purchasing one or more packages you will have priority in the creation of the graphics, based on the package purchased



1 week turnaround. Not refundable. Source file not for sale.

Right after your order, you will be contacted by our staff regarding how to choose your design and forward your material and your special requests.


Available only to our Official Selections, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winners.

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