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✔100% PROTECTION GUARANTEED - 1-year Premium Plan



Your Statuette tells a story about your dedication, your dreams, your sacrifices, and your important achievement as a filmmaker.


Feel confident in keeping the symbol of these memories intact knowing there's a care plan to protect your custom-made Statuette from normal wear & tear or accidental damage, and keep your Statuette looking like the day you got it.


VMA Premium Protection Plan gives your precious Statuette coverage for 1 year, with the auto-renew option to protect it for a maximum of 3 years.




✔ 1-year coverage for accidental damage

✔ 1-year coverage for normal wear & tear

✔ You pay $0 for any replacement

✔ US or International shipping included

✔ 24/7 white gloves service VMA support

✔ Priority assistance in getting your Statuette replaced

✔ Easy claim process

✔ Fixed price from year 2 onwards


What’s not covered:

- Loss, theft, and intentional damage


This one-year Premium Award Protection Plan covers one single Statuette priced at $349.00, before shipping & handling.


Coverage begins on the date of purchase of your Protection Plan.

PriceFrom $49.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
1-year Premium Plan
$49.00every year for 3 years
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